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It’s amazing that we pride ourselves in being able to multi-task. Multi-tasking may have been a badge of honor 20+ years ago, but in the “age of distraction” it’s becoming harder to give your 100% focus to what you are doing. Social networking, constant news updates, text messages and more make it easier than ever to be distracted to a fault.

Being fully engaged in what your are doing can not only lower your chances of making mistakes, but it can also help reduce stress by giving your brain and body less to contend with at one time.

I’m looking to do a better job of being focused and eliminating distractions. This list was great for me and I invite you to join me in the goal of removing mental clutter and more productive.

Milk Myths – Are You Still Drinking Cow’s Milk?

Keys to the P’s is all about purpose, progress, peace and all the good P’s in life!! In the lane of progress, many people are still today not aware of the hazards of cow’s milk and the toll it takes on the human body.

Take a look at this quick video for a few milk facts you might not know and it’s a great time to look at the high number of alternatives that are definitely more “agreeable” to the human body. Cow’s milk is for cows.


Want To Crush A Goal Or Be More Productive In The New Year? Get A Buddy On Board!

There are big things coming for you in 2018 and here’s a way to bring them your way!!!

A new year, a new you right?? Well, it is possible, but only if we change some things this year and change them now. People often identify their wishes and desires for better habits or a better result (i.e. more money, better health, more discipline in some area, etc.), but what makes this year different than last year?

I have found for me that getting an accountability partner can make a huge difference in keeping me accountable for a goal. We often think of accountability partners in the physical sense, like a gym partner, but in the 21st century you can take your accountability virtual.

Let’s think of a simple goal such as writing more in your journal (thanks Dana and Tonya :-D), daily visualization, meditation or drinking 64 oz of water. These are simple “daily goals” that are easy to fall out of the habit of doing. It’s early enough in the year to get a “like minded” buddy on board to hold each other accountable to get your consistency going!

Another approach is a “habit tracking” app. I personally use, the Strides app for iPhone and it allows you to identify habits that you want to track with daily reminders of when your task should be completed for the day. This has been an incredible help with keeping my daily goals “front and center”, so that they never are out of sight then out of mind. There are many other “goal/habit tracking” apps available for your phone and if you’re serious about making the life change, I would suggest adding the app and reminders to your daily regimen.

Whether it’s a virtual partner like an app or a real friend that you check in with, there is no way you should leave these goals to your memory. We’re all creatures of habit and what’s easy to do, is also easy not to do. Make the shift, get a buddy on board and do your part to create the new habits that give you the results you’re looking for this year and beyond!!

Make it a great 2018!! VA


What Do Billionaires And Financial Experts Say About BitCoin? The Time Is Now!! (Shared)

I was fortunate enough to open my BitCoin Wallet in December of 2016 and it could possibly turn into the single best financial decision of my life.

BitCoin is the leading crypto-currency in the world, but don’t let big words and things that sound “super technical” keep you away from learning about the fast growing “asset” in the world today! Valued at $1 in 2011 and now $4,500 at the time of this blog, one BitCoin is projected to potentially grow beyond $1,000,000 in value.

Hear what billionaires and financial experts like Bill Gates and Richard Branson are saying about the best kept financial secret, BitCoin.

Feel free to inbox me on Facebook or email me at if you have any questions. I’m no expert, but we can learn and grow our wealth in BitCoin together!!


With movies such as “What The Health?” and “Forks Over Knives” stressing the benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet many people are becoming more conscious of their food choices, but they don’t have a clue where to start.

Here is a great start that anyone, even a non-vegan can use to become more familiar with non-dairy and meatless options for protein. Check out the chart and whether you just become more discerning or full-on vegan it’s time for all of us to make healthier choices!!

“Every Skill You Acquire Doubles Your Odds of Success…” (Shared)

Tom Bilyeu has taken Qwest to a $1bil company and now he’s one of the web leaders for personal development. Watch this inspiring video as he gives the keys necessary to rise to the occasion as you decide “Who Are You Prepared to Become?”

“Optimism Is A Muscle That Gets Stronger With Use” (Shared)

Someone, right now, needs this powerful word on OPTIMISM from Good Morning America anchor and breast cancer survivor Robin Roberts.

Enjoy the video and share it with someone going through “life” right now.


Four Ways To Get The Most Out of Journaling!!

Today’s society is more distracted, busy and unsettled than ever. Journaling is a simple practice that anyone can begin in order to experience peace, progress and more!

According to Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s book “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” (available at 77% of our thoughts are negative. Journaling is a great way for us to get centered and swing back to a positive way of thinking.

Many people are clueless when they begin journaling as to the best way to get started.

These four techniques can help you start a successful path in your journaling:

1) The Recap Journal Entry
2) The “Good Feeling Story” Journal Entry
3) The “Better Feeling Story” Journal Entry
4) The Gratitude Journal Entry

Watch the video to get a great understanding of which technique you would like to start with or maybe try them all out! There’s no wrong way to do it and this is an opportunity for you to start something that can truly be life changing!

If you’re looking for a great journal that can last a full year, here is the journal that I use!!

Have fun and happy journaling!!


Developing A “Growth Mindset” ~ A Must-Watch Video For All Parents (Shared)

Carol Dweck is the author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” which discusses the two different mindsets that people live by: a “fixed mindset” and a “growth mindset.”

Watch this video to understand more about the power of developing a growth mindset and how words can have a huge effect on how children can bounce back from not succeeding on the first try.

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